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Floor Panels

Utilizing one of our single station floor framing tables, we are capable of producing floor sections (panels) up to 12’ wide x 60’ long using either a variety of engineered floor systems or nominal lumber. Once sheathing is installed, our laser projection system lays out the walls on the subfloor enabling the install of a second bottom plate. This plate is permanently secured to the floor and marked with the wall number to be placed in this location making our erection process the simplest and quickest in the industry.

What expedites on-site construction?

  • All exterior rim boards will be wrapped with air barrier and exterior sheathing and wall plates installed to keep the air barrier in place.
  • All floor sections are designed to minimize site labour (set, connect, next)
  • All wall layouts are completed and marked using a second bottom plate mounted to the floor system during manufacturing (no measuring required on site)